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Episode 5

Episode 5

The time has come to go home. Quorin must face the biggest challenge of this already mondo frakked up day...his Mom. Reunited with Markis they both have to explain to Mrs. Andreas what exactly happened since leaving the house this morning. All they want is for this day to be over. Unfortunately for them, Mom, and Aren, Ms. M and The Cartel have other ideas. Written and directed by Drew Profit Sound design and post production by Austin Beach Theme Song and musical score by Dayn Leonardson  Starring Drew Profit as Quorin Mike Janson as Markis  Sarah Golding as Ms. M AND Mom Danielle Ries as Aren Austin Beach as Matthias and Trace Herald the radio announcer Jeremy Hennessy as Fiore  

Duration: 18 min

Release Date:

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