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'Healing with UMI'

'Healing with UMI'

In 'Healing with UMI,'  artist and musician UMI guides you through a fifteen minute healing centered meditation to lessen any anxiety you've been experiencing over the last few days.  On today’s episode, we’re highlighting BEAM, the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, an organization that removes the barriers black people experience getting access to emotional health care and healing. You can donate to BEAM at  Day by Day is a series of stories about the world we live in and we are nothing without knowing what our listeners are going through. Text us and let us know how you're doing at (646) 783-1043.  Day by Day is created and produced by Adam Faze and Jamie Dolan with sound mixing and design by Becket Cerny.  Special thanks to Ron Hirshberg, Christ Hanover for our incredible animation, and Layla Gorgoni for our gorgeous artwork.

Duration: 22 min

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