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Where CAN we begin?  Now that the team has decided to slay deadbeats everywhere, with help from Mrs. Bailey's seed money, the crew must find new clients and a new place to operate. Enter Soraya and Rajir, with his co-working empire and her need to break free.  Meanwhile, Tori finds common ground with her new friends, while we find out if Leon will ever pay for his shortcomings. Check out Episode one to follow the full story... **THIS EPISODE IS RATED R, Not indented for children****Please leave a review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts. Thanks for listening. Deadbeats was Written Directed and Produced by Aisha Casey with Associate producers Andre Douglas & Shacora MitchellEditing, Sound Design & Mixing by Aisha CaseyOpening theme by Aisha Casey STARRING CHERAY O'NEAL as Kassidy JonesKaitlyn Kaylee Brown as Tori GainesMaurice Smith as Leon GainesWith Ria Patel as SorayaRaj Shroff as RajirCoryandre Wright as DanielSonja Inge as MargieMassiel Hernandez as TinaADRIENE BRATHWAITE as BelindaBROOKLYN JONES as School Safety LaceyCEPHUS (CJ) JOHNSON as TajRAY YAMAMOTO as CarolsAUBREY TRUJILLO-SCARR - as Claudia & Mrs. BaileyVIVIA ARMSTRONG - as the Officer & GloriaCECELIA GISELLE FRIDAY as ChristinaLydia Hooker as MeganTALAYAH JAMES as Petra Susan Touchbourne As the AttorneyBriana Hansen - as Annoyed MillennialAisha Casey - as JudgeAmy Lyndon as Post Office Clerk Find Full information on Deadbeats at www.AishaC.Com/Deadbeats 

Duration: 34 min

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