Aisha Casey

Episode 5. (THIN LINE)

Episode 5. (THIN LINE)

***WARNING - This episode contains mature content, loud sounds and violence. Parental guidance is suggested.*** Daniel takes on a case all his own. And Kassidy may have a decision to make about Marcus.  Deadbeats, created and produced by Aisha Casey. STARRINGCheray O'Neal as Kassidy JonesKaitlyn Kaylee Brown as Tori GainesMaurice Smith as Leon GainesCoryandre Wright as DanielSonja Inge as MargieMassiel Hernandez as TinaHugo Pierre Martin as Morris GideonStephanie Keefer as Vanessa GideonTina Nacarelli as Shannon GideonBrooklyn Jones as School Safety LaceyCephus (CJ) jJohnson as TajRay Yamamoto as CarolsVictoria Keleman - as KellyAUBREY TRUJILLO-SCARR - as Mrs. BaileyVIVIA ARMSTRONG - as Aunt Bettywith Stu James as MarcusL. Emille Thomas as PhillipNekia Renee as Waitress & Park callerand Charles Hawkins Jr as Corner Boy   

Duration: 40 min

Release Date:

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