Episode 2 – A Long Time Waiting

Episode 2 – A Long Time Waiting

Host, Corny Koehl, attends the oral arguments for Jarvis Master’s final state appeal before the California Supreme Court. His writ of Habeas Corpus was filed back in 2005, and Jarvis has been languishing in wait all this time. As his appellate attorneys present new evidence that bolsters Jarvis’s claims of innocence, will the Court decide to exonerate him or confirm his sentence to death? Meet Connie Pham, an outspoken advocate for Jarvis. As a 15 year old student, she was so moved by Jarvis’s first book, “Finding Freedom: Writings from Death Row,” that she wrote to him behind bars, and they’ve maintained a close friendship ever since.  Theme song SENTENCED, is complements of the band Stick Figure, from their album “Set In Stone.” Have a question for Jarvis that you’d like to hear him answer on the podcast, please leave a message on our hotline: 201-903-3575 or, AskJarvisMasters@Gmail.com Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

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