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63. Sakara Life - Food is Medicine

63. Sakara Life - Food is Medicine

Includes Sakara Life Blessing This week we are lucky to have the founders and creators of the New York City-based wellness brand and plant based meal delivery service, Sakara Life, with us on DENtalks! From bootstrapping their company with $700 in their pockets to now providing meals across the US - Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise have changed the lives of thousands of people through nutritious plant based meals which Sakara Life delivers straight to your door. The ladies get personal about their own health journeys and how hitting rock bottom, both in different ways, led them to use food as medicine and how this realization eventually became the root of their business. We discuss the impact of gut health on your emotional well being, the importance of making food a ritual, and how important nourishment is for worthiness. Lucky for us, Whitney and Danielle just launched a cookbook - Eat Clean, Play Dirty, which has some of their famous Sakara Life recipes that you can make at home! Don’t miss their Personal Practice where they share their Sakara Life Blessing with us which is a beautiful prayer they say before meals. Want to try Sakara Life? You’re in luck! Use code: DENTALKS for $50 your first purchase. Show Notes:   Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:

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