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Dealing with the stress of it all Ep 30

Dealing with the stress of it all Ep 30

In this week’s episode of our podcast, we talk about how we are dealing with the stress related to the COVID predicament and how its changed our lives. We recently realized how different our lives currently are regarding our careers. Anthony is able to work from home, while my job doesn’t have the resources to let their employees work from home. This is causing a lot of stress in my life due to the undergoing changes that are happening in the company such as, limited employees, reducing pay across the company and still dealing with the ongoing effects of the virus and trying to stay safe at the same time. Things are stressful for everyone right now! The way I deal with the current conditions is starting off by being aware of my surroundings and how they change my attitude and emotions. Once I recognize the emotion I’m feeling, I make sure stay there, feel it, work through it and look at it through positive eyes. Along with all of this work stress, I decided to limit the use of my anxiety medication and stop using it as a crutch. This will be a long journey to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety but I think it is worth the effort.

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