Don't Forget to Breathe

Sit down or get sat down Ep 26

Sit down or get sat down Ep 26

Listening to your body and putting health before body goals. In this week’s episode, we decided to take a different route other than our usual “planned” topic. We opened up the podcast with a new segment called “don’t forget to read”, where we mentioned some of the latest books we’ve read or are currently reading and give a brief synopsis. We then move on to the topic of why we decided to slow down on our workouts (weightlifting in particular) and what mind frame we need to take on in order to remain sane these next few weeks without our usual routine of the gym, which acts as our daily stress outlet. We give others tips on what to do when they experience injuries as well and stress the importance of taking it easy while going through the healing process. Thanks for listening and supporting us! Stay tuned for our next episode! Where to Listen

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