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Should LaMelo Be the No. 1 Pick? NBA News Catch-Up

Should LaMelo Be the No. 1 Pick? NBA News Catch-Up

Every aspect of LaMelo Ball’s game.  He has some of the biggest strengths but also some of the biggest weaknesses in this draft and is a unique prospect.  How does all that add up compared to the rest of the class, and how does he compare to point guard prospects of the past? We spend 47 minutes on his game. Then a news catchup, focusing on more details of the bubble, including how a requirement to cease physical activity for 14 days after a positive COVID test could affect the return, and looking at players who have decided not to play. You can subscribe by searching “Dunc’d On” on your favorite podcast player.  And if you like this pod and want additional bonus content, please subscribe to support Nate and Danny at  Merchandise available at, sponsors list also available at Note that COVID Daily News is now a separate pod. Please subscribe to that show on its own feed via Apple, Spotify or RSS Feed, or by searching “Nate Duncan” in your podcast player. With Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA and Danny Leroux @DannyLeroux).

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