EatnEat Podcast


The "EatnEat Podcast" brings together, Fred Tru and Henry The III to feed your mind, body, and soul. No topic or discussion is off-limits. Their different background gives their audience a broad perspective of life and culture. Not to mention their firecracker personalities and enthusiastic expressions bring joy and laughter. All this along with their love of food and weed will have you full in every which way.

Episodes: 12


Bonus: EatnEat LIVE!

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

EP 10: Oh we did that Sh**! (Season 1 Finale)

Duration: 1 hr 14 min

EP 9: Ooohh I'm tellin!

Duration: 1 hr 11 min

EP 8: I think I gotta daddy now!

Duration: 1 hr 4 min

EP 7: What you waitin on?

Duration: 1 hr 6 min

EP 6: I Need That Money! PT 1

Duration: 54 min

EP 5: Is it 420 Yet?

Duration: 1 hr 1 min

EP 4: That's My Ni***!

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

EP 3: Is You ok?

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

EP 2: Make me Feel GuHd! PT 1

Duration: 52 min

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