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Amy Abbott and Steve from Trex-arms

Amy Abbott and Steve from Trex-arms

Empty Brass was happy to welcome back another repeat guest Steve from Trex-arms. In addition also honored to welcome Amy Abbott, you may know her as amy.556 on Instagram.  In this episode CJ asks both of them about law enforcement culture, training, and the gun industry as a whole. Amy and Steve have a very well known public relationship supporting one another, and they discuss how that came about. Both are law enforcement, and believe in always improving through their training. They come from different back rounds, as well as different missions with in their Law Enforcement communities. This is the longest episode on Empty Brass and it could have gone on longer, it’s jam packed with lots of topics. Finally they finish up discussing red dots. They all have different exposure and use for red dots and they go over what is beneficial and what can cause problems, like snow in Alaska! If you don’t already follow Steve on Instagram make sure you head over and give him a follow athttps://instagram.com/pinkman.83?igshid=peqo6tptd2u7As well as heading over to Amy’s page so you don’t miss her latest drills https://instagram.com/amy.556?igshid=trbrk382f0smAs discussed on the episode Amy has just released her new website, packed full of good information and drills for you to check your level of proficiency. Make sure you visit her site and get linked up at https://556traininglab.com/

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