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Jared Clawson Tier 1 Concealed

Jared Clawson Tier 1 Concealed

You have probably seen him shoot a tic tac out of the air or a water droplet as it falls, but a podcast? Not until now, but that kind of skill isn't something you are blessed with at birth, but rather obtained by constant and purposeful repetition. It goes back to when Jared Clawson was a kid, and he sits down with CJ and sheds light on a little bit of his journey, including how he learned to shoot a penny out of the air with an airsoft/bb gun.  Most f the time that wouldn't be believable, but 5 minutes on Jared's Instagram page, would be all the proof one would need.  The guys talk about the gun industry and things that could be improved in order to help the community as a whole unite.  Jared is a humble, polite, passionate shooter, who is determined to improve his skill level, as well as provided a reliable and dependable product to gun owners everywhere.  This episode is the first podcast Jared has done, and he explains how in 2020 he would like to open up more about his journey in shooting, in order to help others, if they seek the information.  Regardless of your backround, or your goals every shooter can learn from Jared's constant pursuit of improvement, as well as the parts of his life that take priority.  Empty Brass is proud and honored to have Jared on his first episode, and as always if you haven't seen some of his trick shots, we HIGHLY recommend heading over to his Instagram. If you don't already, make sure you head over and follow Jared on IG at@T1CShttps://instagram.com/t1cs?igshid=1vvgm7izlsbht

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