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Jeremiah Wilber

Jeremiah Wilber

In this episode of Empty Brass CJ sits down with a recently retired, and former Green Beret Jeremiah Wilber.  Jeremiah shares the story of his Army career and how he was able to accomplish the rare achievement of not only his Special Forces tab, but his ranger and sapper tabs as well.  Its hard to express just how rare that is, and also the amount of perseverance and determination it would take to accomplish that task.  Jeremiah had a long and honorable career in the Army, including some very unique and interesting jobs within the army.  He shares a little bit of that story and how his Native American heritage fueled his success.  The guys also talk about the power of CBD, especially when it comes to veterans.  They also discuss all the current political topics, and how some of the lessons learned in the military that could be applied. They also share their mutual mission of helping others, and how he plans on paying it forward in the next chapter of his life. Jeremiah is a rare breed of warrior and hippy that our volatile world could use a lot more of in these trying times. Make sure you go and follow Jeremiah on Instagram! https://instagram.com/jeremiah_blackbeard?igshid=1xpkuti6at93mThe links mentioned in the episode.Uncanna CBDhttps://uncanna.com/Clandestine Mediahttps://www.clandestinemediagroup.com/

Duration: 2 hr 37 min

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