CJ Boxrud

Jim Krantz

Jim Krantz

Empty Brass is back after a hiatus, and on this episode CJ sits down with Jim Krantz.  Jim is a young and talented shooter from Minnesota.  The guys got a chance to link up in Wyoming right before the travel bans went into effect.  Jim is a member of Mac Defense, and will be shooting a mac glock this year in carry optics.  Jim has already made it to master class in Carry Optics, and he's just getting started. The guys discuss all the usual equipment and politics in the firearms community.  The time this episode was recorded was at the very beginning of the travel ban when much was still unknown. We are in a different place now with coronavirus then when this episode was recorded. Jim is an awesome example of how men should represent themselves in the gun industry, and he will accomplish anything he wants to going forward.  Make sure you check out Jim's Instagram account along with Mac Defense and Atlas gunworks.

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