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JJ Racaza co-host Eli Suarez

JJ Racaza co-host Eli Suarez

Empty Brass welcomes JJ Racaza, who is truly one of the most elite and respected shooters in history.  JJ's story starts in the Philippines, where he learned to shoot with his dad teaching as well as not accepting anything less than excellence.  An unlikely kid set his mind to being the best he possibly could be.  His journey led him to many places including working for DHS, and taking a year off to care for his children while his wife worked in a different location thousands of miles away.  There is much more to the story that we encourage you to research, including opening up a gun store in Las Vegas.  Last year was JJ's first year back after taking the year off and he recently signed with team Berretta. Eli and CJ got a chance to sit down with JJ and take a break from the chaos of the Shot Show floor. The guys discuss how they define success when it comes to shooting as well as how those tools translate to the rest of life.  JJ has seen his ups and downs, and he talks about how he deals with the downs along with helping others.  JJ truly represents the gun community with grace and tenacity, but always keeping a friendly and approachable attitude.  This is an episode you truly won't want to miss.  Having JJ on Empty Brass was truly a honor, and a great time! Make sure you follow Eli and JJ on Instagramhttps://instagram.com/jjracaza?igshid=u05273rx1kgohttps://instagram.com/smith_and_wesson_man?igshid=1brq25gma1mmk

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