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Shane Coley

Shane Coley

Empty Brass is honored to welcome the captain of team Glock Shane Coley.  Shane's journey began back at age 14 in 2005.  Just 4 years in 2009 later Shane enlisted in the US Army to join the AMU(Army Marksmanship Unit), and completed his first deployment in 2012.  Shane won his first USPSA nationals at the age of 21, only one other national champion was younger. Shane is known for more than just his shooting, but also his love for fitness and Olympic lifting.  Shane really embodies the athlete, that it takes to be an elite practical shooter.  In addition to his professional career, he also is active in helping Law Enforcement and Military improve their training. More importantly he has a mission to help these communities with struggles they may face.  The 2nd amendment is publicly, and Shane weighs in on his thoughts on what can be done to help ensure these rights are not restricted any further, and how crucial intelligent conversation is in regards to the issue. This year there is an upcoming world shoot and Shane shares some of his goals and preparation for world's biggest match later this year.  If you would like to follow Shane and find his schedule for training make sure you follow him on Instagram.https://instagram.com/shane_coley?igshid=d003m4fybr6j

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