B2B Pooch Product Jul 17, 2020 19:43

B2B Pooch Product Jul 17, 2020 19:43

The Pooch Market We see dog 🐕 products on a regular bases and getting eyeballls on what you have to offer is always been a problem. The Grit Show wants to help fellow entrepreneurs with their products to get people, buyers and distributors to come, look, what’s out there from the world of engineering/entrepreneurial endeavours and get those buyers buying. We will soon be showing part of the StepRack Range of products which is ready for the “The Pooch Market.” Again it’s a product which is on JIT production, a whole range of marketing required, needs a team in finding the buyers and distributors. This is how we wish to start going from the Dark place to Eyeballs on product. We are Marketing on EntrepreneurialGrit and The Grit Show. Please like us, follow us, rate us and most of all join us.

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