Collaboration at Work Jul 20, 2020 14:32

Collaboration at Work Jul 20, 2020 14:32

The New Collective to the former 3C’s is Now 4C’s We need to think collectively around new products Entrepreneurial, Engineering, Experience What if I told you, we can go Zero to Hundreds....Real Quick. What if I told you, we just need buyers and distributors. What if I told you, we need people to bring their value to get new products off the ground. What if I told you, you can help and introduce, tell people you know, tell people who can buy product, tell them to do something for the greater good. “You can help get the wheels of Commerce Moving.” Do something about it. Don’t just sit there, Don’t just talk a good job. Get people to Buy UK 🇬🇧 manufactured goods. We have just seen collaboration at work today with Gary Penk from Absolute DJs who helped to setup all the new sound equipment and I highly recommend using their services. This is what we have to offer with StepRack & CoverStep. Here our Journey & Story via and ‘The Grit Show’ Podcast Q&A. Which we are looking for more Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Startups to bring their passion and story to our platform. We then have the 4C’s - Collective, Coordinated, Collaboration and eventual Cohesion. “Add value before Cohesion. Before then, it’s just Hot 🥵 Air!” Just Do. Just Bring Value. Just Add Something. “Don’t Just Say it. Do it!”

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