Media Consumption is Changing Jul 2, 2020 19:00

Media Consumption is Changing Jul 2, 2020 19:00

Pool our Marketing Resources Entrepreneurial Engineering Experiences Is it Time for B2B marketing to be done as a group adding their skill and value? Media Consumption is changing, we are looking more at video, voice and our vibe, for how we promote our projects and product ranges. With #EntrepreneurialGrit we are looking for more #Engineers with #Entrepreneurial products and projects to come onboard, pool our marketing budgets, and target 🎯 buyers/distributors collectively. Let’s do more video Let’s do more voice & podcasting Let’s change-it-up a bit, with a new vibe We use all the marketing tools and get our range of products in-front of for who it matters. The least we can do is use EntrepreneurialGrit to get eyeballs on projects & product. Please like Us, follow Us, rate Us and most of all join Us.

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