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Opening Up About Mom Anger and How to Work Through It

Opening Up About Mom Anger and How to Work Through It

So many of us start motherhood thinking we will be the perfect parent. We have an unrealistic view of what motherhood is supposed to be, so when we find ourselves getting angry, yelling, or threatening our kids, it feels horrible. We feel like a failure. We feel alone, and we feel like we are the only ones who struggle with those things.    Desiree Fortin from “the perfect mom” on Instagram found that by opening up about her mom anger, she’s been able to work through it in such powerful and purposeful ways.    In this raw episode, you’ll hear Desiree talk about her journey from wanting kids so badly, to having them and being faced with postpartum depression, and realizing there was an anger inside of her she never realized existed. She shares so openly here how any parent can work through those big emotions and how doing that for ourselves can also set a powerful example for our kids to do the same. For full show notes visit https://exceptionalparentingpodcast.com/episode85

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