Wendy Bertagnole

The Surprising Truth About Yelling at Kids

The Surprising Truth About Yelling at Kids

We’d all love to be able to tackle parenting without yelling at kids, at some point most of us have tried it…likely it’s a daily struggle. After seeing various “stop yelling at kids forever” challenges, I started feeling like every day I was either a “good mom” or a “bad mom,” depending on if I messed up and yelled or not. Living life thinking I’m either good or bad doesn’t work for me, and it doesn’t have to work for you either. While I’ll never promote yelling at kids, when it happens, I found some surprising truths that help me turn the situation into something positive. Rather than spiraling down the shame track after yelling, I now turn to these ideas that I share here in this podcast.   For full Show Notes visit https://exceptionalparentingpodcast.com/episode88

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