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Episode 19 - Lost Friends

Episode 19 - Lost Friends

What seemed like one day for our students in the feywilds has turned into much more, as they enter back into a changed Faeforge Academy. There are hostile elves, and Vespin Willowsong seems to be in charge. Not only that, but snow has fallen. And so as our students try to figure out what has happened, they may uncover more heartache before they can find a glimpse of hope.The Faeforge Academy is a 5th edition, Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast featuring the Witch+Craft supplement for crafting by Astrolago press. To stay up to date with everything happening at the Academy be sure to visit our website at and follow us on twitter @FaeforgeAcademy,The Faeforge Academy is proud to be a part of The Fandomentals Network.Dungeon Master – Stephen Garcia – @the_baddmBeskey Nevering – Michael Sinclair II – @michaelcritsAriadne Zuvan – Adelaide Gardner – @ohadelaideKhoz Forgeheart – Ian Gould – @gameofscienceAshryn Emberwhisper – Ky – @stonefly_kySepia Goldenmorrow – Emily Smith – @emilyjeasmithGet your copy of the Fey Folio by Mage Hand Press here! you enjoy the show and want to help us make more and better content please consider joining our Patreon: music by Dave Cole of the Four Orbs Podcast. For additional music search dcolemusic on YouTube. Additional Background Music found at and

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