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The Encino Murders, Part 2 | 2

The Encino Murders, Part 2 | 2

Camile Hamilton is starting to remember what happened to her that brutal night in August 2009. A tiny piece of evidence and a series of breaks leads the Encino Street triple murder investigation to a homeless man with a criminal history named Kevin Pratt. But our investigative reporter finds inconsistencies in Camile's recollections that lead to questions about how reliable they are. And there's one more major disappointment for investigators.See photos, video and read more about the Encino Murders at FeloniousFlorida.comThank you to our sponsors:Audible — Get a 30-day trial and a free audiobook when you visit them at www.audible.com/floridaSimpliSafe — Get your home security system with no hidden fees or contracts at www.SimpliSafe.com/florida

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