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The Encino Murders, Part 3 | 3

The Encino Murders, Part 3 | 3

In the conclusion of The Encino Murders, Camile Hamilton confronts Kevin Pratt after an in-person lineup — and the encounter is explosive. Kevin insists he didn’t kill anybody, but when the DNA evidence gets stronger he faces the death penalty. As the years go on, problems with the investigation are uncovered — and suddenly, the case against Kevin isn’t as strong as once thought.See photos, video and read more about the Encino Murders at FeloniousFlorida.comThank you to our sponsors:Audible — Get a 30-day trial and a free audiobook when you visit them at www.audible.com/floridaSimpliSafe — Get your home security system with no hidden fees or contracts at www.SimpliSafe.com/florida

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