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Gents, what you can do for healthy sperm | Episode 7

Gents, what you can do for healthy sperm | Episode 7

Gents, dudes, lads, boys - this one is for you. You may be wondering why your significant other has sent you towards a pink podcast about your swimmers, but listen in, because I know you want to be doing your bit for a healthy baby!In this episode, I will be diving into:Why sperm health matters to the health of your future baby.The research around key nutrients and sperm health.The key foods to be focusing on during the 3-6 months before you conceive to truly improve sperm quality.I'm Stef, fertility dietitian and nutritionist, aka The Dietologist, here to help inspire and empower you through factual nutrition information about women's and men's health, hormones and fertility.Disclaimer: This is not to be replaced by personalised medical or dietetic advice, please speak to your health care professional before making any diet or lifestyle changes.Read more about sperm health and nutrition here: more about lifestyle changes men can make to optimise sperm health here: my 100% online fertility nutrition program, The Waiting Game, today and say goodbye fertility nurtition confusion and hello clarity: my FREE ultimate pre-conception lifestyle checklist for him and for her at: my men's fertility meal plans and male fertility nutrition guide at: to work one-on-one? Let's chatInstagram: @the_dietologistFacebook: @thedietologistFacebook Group: Fertility Friendly Food by The DietologistTwitter: @the_dietologist Subscribe, leave a rating and review and share the podcast on your socials!

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