Marian Pierre-Louis - Join me in discovering the history of the Northeast

Fieldstone Common Season 2 -Northeast History & Genealogy Radio with Marian Pierre-Louis

Sharing the Passion for Northeastern History

Sharing the Passion for Northeastern History

Episodes: 43


FC 98 Lost Boston with Anthony Sammarco

Duration: 1 hr 1 min

FC 97 An Extraordinary Family with Liz Petry

Duration: 59 min

FC 95 The British Raid on Essex with Jerry Roberts

Duration: 56 min

FC 94 The Massachusetts History Conference

Duration: 56 min

FC 93 At the Point of a Cutlass with Greg Flemming

Duration: 53 min

FC 92 Uncommon Law with Paul Gillies

Duration: 60 min

FC 91 Tracing Your Irish Ancestors with John Grenham

Duration: 1 hr 0 min

FC 90 Fort Halifax with Daniel Tortora

Duration: 52 min

FC 89 In Search of Sacco & Vanzetti with Susan Tejada

Duration: 1 hr 7 min

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