Encore | Insider Trading: Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Encore | Insider Trading: Finding the Needle in the Haystack

This episode originally aired in December 2018.When it comes to detecting insider trading, it really is like finding a needle in a haystack with more than 15,000 different stocks, options and bonds trading every day across millions of transactions. Yet, Sam Draddy and the Insider Surveillance team in the Office of Fraud Detection and Market Intelligence manage to find those needles.The Insider Surveillance team does it by combining a lot of data—20 years’ worth of data on thousands of actively traded bonds, stocks and equity options—with a mix of sophisticated surveillance technology and good old-fashioned detective work.On this episode of FINRA Unscripted Sam Draddy walks us through the process. Plus, he shares details of some of the most interesting cases of his career and attempts to answer the real question: why do people do it?Resources mentioned in this episode:SEC’s Edgar DatabasePro Golfer Agrees to Repay Trading ProfitsSEC’s Perk Hixon CaseDid Somebody Just Eat a Post-It?

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