The MAP Group: Gatekeeper to the Broker-Dealer Industry

The MAP Group: Gatekeeper to the Broker-Dealer Industry

Want to be a broker-dealer firm and conduct securities transactions in the U.S.? First, the firm and individuals need to register with FINRA, and that means working with FINRA’s Membership Application Program (MAP) Group. The MAP Group is the gatekeeper to the broker-dealer industry. It works both to protect investors by ensuring would-be firms meet FINRA’s standards of admission and to help new and existing firms grow and evolve, ensuring a vibrant market for all. On this episode, we talk to Lisa Robinson, senior director of FINRA’s MAP Group within the Member Supervision team, to learn more. Resources mentioned in this episode:Register a Broker DealerFINRA’s Standards of AdmissionMateriality ConsultationRegulatory Notice 18-23Episode 16: How FINRA Rules Get Made (And Reviewed)

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