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EP 74 Bluff line Media, Fly Fishing film passion.

EP 74 Bluff line Media, Fly Fishing film passion.

Episode Description: In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast Greg speaks with Andrew Mcneece the owner behind Bluffline media based out of Arkansas USA. Greg and Andrew talk about why and how he developed such a passion for creating films and films that focus in fly fishing. Andrew shares with us some of his best film projects and how he plans to complete a 10-part series of species- and region-specific films. Later in the episode, Andrew tells us about his newest entry into the canceled (due to Covid19) Montana film festival.   And how he prepped and got this inspiration to create this film. Lastly, Greg and Andrew talk about fishing and what species of fish he likes, as well as we  get off topic and talk about the TV show Ozarks.   To learn more about this great episode and our guest please subscribe to the show or download us on your favorite podcast listing platform.  Top take away from this Episode Just do it. and film fish if you want to     Other mentions in this Podcast: This area contains links to company’s, products, people, organizations and other noteworthy mentions that were talked about during this episode interview on the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast. Theses mentions are from both the guest or host of the show. Please enjoy the referenced links. Bluffline media Montana fishing film festival     Contact Guest Website: Social: @blufflinemedia Like the Podcast, Show Us: If you liked this episode or our guest, then please tell us and leave a podcast review for this episode! Do you have a great idea for guest or an Episode? Please let us know, you can reach the team at. we are also very social where you can find a tone of great fly-fishing content, giveaways, tips and more follow us on Instagram @flyfishinginsiderpodcast or find our Facebook page Fly fishing Insider Podcast. Also did you know that twice a month on Fridays were have our other Scientific Anglers Sponsored show “Guided Podcast” featuring the top Guides and brand ambassadors from with in the fly-fishing industry. Thank you for your support!

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