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5: Crushing Caricatures w/ Katie Ladner

5: Crushing Caricatures w/ Katie Ladner

Well, hello there! We’re so glad you’re here- grab a cold brew and your trusty masterclass notebook because they’re gonna come in handy today… What are the shared experiences of people who identify as plus-sized? How are the stories of plus-sized people being told on stage(and off) and what can we do to separate type from stereotype? Can somebody truly love bread AND zucchini??? Have no fear, because Katie Ladner(Original casts of HEATHERS, BE MORE CHILL, FREAKY FRIDAY, ALMOST FAMOUS, and more) is here! She’s the freakin best and she’s helping us unpack these concepts of body image, self-love, and more on today’s episode of Fourth Wall: the podcast. Do you have an experience to share about body image or any other topics we’ve discussed on 4W? We wanna read that shit! Send it to us so we can get your perspective and possibly share it on the show! → FIND KATIE LADNER ONLINE: Instagram: @ktladner Twitter: @ktladner FIND FOURTH WALL AND YOUR HOSTS ONLINE: Fourth Wall on Instagram: @thisisfourthwall  4W Community Inbox:  Abigail Brazier: @thenameisabstract  Alaina Newell: @alainanewell ~~~ Fourth Wall: the podcast is created with TLC by hosts Alaina Newell (@alainanewell) and Abigail Brazier (@thenameisabstract) Produced with grace and elegance by Tyler McKenzie Creative Studio (@tylrmckenzie, With original music by Ben Bailey (@bendabrit)  And assistance from Production Consultants Nick Buchholz (@nicholas_buchholz) and Sara Flatow ( --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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