Sex and communication - Getting what you want and pleasing your partner

Sex and communication - Getting what you want and pleasing your partner

Welcome to "Full Speech Ahead!" − the program where we look at communication in all its many facets, with an emphasis on the spoken word.  I'm your host, public speaking coach Milo Shapiro from .My guest today:  Sex!  Okay, it wasn't hard to communicate the word, but communicating our needs to our partners…well…that can be tougher.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could be clear about our interests and needs without shame or hurting the other person. Sit tight for a fascinating interview with sex therapist Jennifer Gunsaullus, better known as Dr. Jenn after my public speaking tip of the week here on "Full Speech Ahead!"…More about Dr. Jenn at www.DrJennsDen.comSend comments to "Full Speech Ahead!" host Milo through the Contact Info link at .[note: something went wrong in the transmission of this starts 18 seconds in.  The show starts with the volume up a bit too high, but we got it corrected by the 45 second mark.  You can hear it playing perfectly by going to the podcast page at instead][Milo is also the president of , team building events and motivational speeches that use the power of improvisational games and theater.  See videos and testimonials on the link above.]If this episode (or any other) of Full Speech Ahead cuts off prematurely, the complete version can always be found at .

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