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An Afternoon with Lance from Dogman Devices

An Afternoon with Lance from Dogman Devices

This week, Emily and Andrew are joined by Lance from Dogman Devices. Dogman Devices only recently came into our worlds after Jason Isbell tweeted about his company.  In it, we talk about Lance's story, organization, getting into fuzz, teaching in Japan, selling out every pedal he had, his building and designing process, noise music, AFRORACK, and more.  This episode was sponsored by Surfy Industries.  Music recommended by Lance: Yndi Halda Mortal Family Build Us Fiction Baby Got Back Talk pg.lost Algernon Cadwallader Hank Wood and the Hammerheads Asobi Seksu Brian Eno A few more words from Lance that we didn't get to during recording:  Also, I thought of a couple of things I forgot about. One thing is that with the noisemaker and other weird stuff is also where I test out different enclosure ideas and stuff so they are all in a way one of a kind. For example, the regular effects I'm making are polished, but some of these weirder ones have my attempts at getting a mirror finish and using different engraving tools and techniques. Another thing I had wanted to say is that a handful of other pedal builders have reached out to me and in one way or another been awesome and have definitely helped me feel welcome in the community and not like the token black guy (specifically Native Audio and Malaise Forever, both also in Ohio). I had always heard it was a fairly welcoming community and that "competitors" isn't really the word to describe other businesses with--I think I mentioned this but I want to see more POC and women builders and be able to welcome them the same way some other companies have welcomed me. And maybe not important, but another I forgot to mention in terms of getting into building pedals--it's like a nexus of a bunch of my interests. I was originally a physics major in college and got disillusioned with the way scientific research is funded and changed my major, but I still study some physics (mostly in the realm of electronics) but it's been really cool to mix art and science and building things. Like the podcast? Support us on Patreon for some sweet perks! We have merch, including additions to our For Fuzz Sake lineup! Get some, get SOME. Outro song is “Little Pink Room” by Michelle Sullivan and the All Night Boys (feat. Emily on guitar)

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