Bonnie Gabriel on Sensuality & Erotic Talk

Bonnie Gabriel on Sensuality & Erotic Talk

- While most people think erotic talk means "talking dirty," it is actually only one aspect of a much wider topic. "Erotic talk is any form of verbal communication that arouses desire," says Bonnie. - Feeling self-conscious about opening up verbally with your partner? Start slowly with erotic questioning and ease into connecting words to your feelings. - Learning how to be an erotic listener for your partner can be just as important as being an erotic talker. - "Create an erotic safety net with words" by being with your significant other in a nonjudgmental way. Instead of criticizing your partner, tell them what you want instead. Also, acknowledge and take responsibility for your own reactions rather than blaming them on your partner, Bonnie recommends. - Learn each other's trigger words - use the words that commonly turn both of you on, or make up some of your own! - Read erotic novels to each other to become more comfortable with erotic language. Find out more at

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