Dan & Jennifer Talk Romance & Making Time for Intimacy

Dan & Jennifer Talk Romance & Making Time for Intimacy

- Where did Dan & Jennifer get their start? They began by creating an online dating site which evolved into online love and sex advice. - How did they meet? At work! Dan & Jennifer both worked in technology and IT before becoming a couple and transitioning to the world of love and sex. - A fun exercise Dan & Jennifer recommend for couples to help with communication? Write down things you want to experiment with sexually with your partner, put them in a "fantasy box," and occasionally pull them out to try. - With such busy schedules, how do Dan & Jennifer make time for romance? By scheduling a weekend away. It is better to have quality sex when you can find the time than to have rushed sex everyy night, they say. - So what are some of the 1,001 best places to have sex in America? Some of the best places, Dan & Jennifer believe, are right in your own home - have sex everywhere that's not the bedroom! - Why the couples focus on There are a lot of sites for helping people find dates, but less for those who are already in relationships seeking an open, nonjudgmental forum. Find out more at

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