Podcast! Bonnie Gayle on Positive Body Image & Self-Love

Podcast! Bonnie Gayle on Positive Body Image & Self-Love

- How does having a negative body image affect your intimate relationships? If you don't feel comfortable being naked by yourself, you probably will not feel comfortable being naked with a partner, Bonnie says. - What does Bonnie suggest to help overcome body image issues? Start infusing positive messages into your daily routine with Post-It notes around the house to remind you that you are beautiful! - Look at one part of your body in the mirror and say "I love you and I accept you," Bonnie recommends to give yourself an extra dose of self-love throughout the day. - Use Sex Butter by rubbing it on specific body parts and tell yourself positive things about that body part; this makes it easier to start accepting yourself for who you are today, and positive change will follow. - How does positive body image affect your sexuality? When you feel confident and comfortable in your body you can connect better with your partner physically and emotionally; no matter what body part you think needs improvement, your partner loves you for who you are! Find out more at

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