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Episode 03 - My gin kingdom for a glass

Episode 03 - My gin kingdom for a glass

Welcome To The Gin Ignite PodcastWhether you want to party or have a quiet night in gin will ignite NewsNo news for the week. More news in Episode 5. Gin RecommendationRevealed in Episode 5 My Gin Kingdom For A GlassTypes of Glass Gin has gone on such a renaissance over the last few years and so has the type of glasses we use. High Ball Glass Gin was always traditionally served in a highball glass or a tall glass. This is also used for cocktails. I forgot to mention this in the podcast !! Tumbler In my family gin was always served in a tumbler or a small round glass. I think because there was an excuse to have more gin and less tonic !!! Nowadays the gin glasses has got really funky. What is the right glass ? The truth is I don’t think there is a right glass. I think there is only one important person here and that is you. If you think the right glass is a tumbler then go for that. You will certainly get a stronger drink !!! If you like a tall high ball then go for that. I like a hi-bred glass which is a Fever Tree glass which is a bit taller than a tumbler but not quite as high as a high ball glass. Spanish Type Glass The Spanish gin glass (copa de balon) is the only real option if you want ice. This is like a balloon glass which is large and perfect to hold ice, gin and tonic. If I had to choose one glass type it would be this one. Cocktail Glass Now I hear a few of you saying hold on a minute what about gin cocktails. Don’t worry not forgotten I love a Dry Martini. I recently discovered a Martin Miller dry martini which is absolutely amazing. In this case you use a traditional cocktail glass which has a stem and then like a V shaped round glass Champagne Flute The last glass is for those gorgeous gin cocktails with champagne or bubble, the flute. Have I missed any glasses ? Do you have any special glasses you use that I have missed. Please get in touch Gin Community Shout OutI am keen to help any business that has been affected by Covid. If you are starting up again, have an event coming up or have a mini - festival please get in touch and let me help you to publicise it on this podcast. Get In ContactIM me at @ginignite ( on Twitter E-Mail me at ( If you have ideas IM me or e-mail at ( If you want to be on the show then IM me or e-mail me at ( Instragram Community ShoutoutShoutout to @ginmotherlover ( I love your dog Kassi sorry she got wet last week !!! I particularly like the fact that you think @girls_on_gin are amazing and you are always walking the dog. A job I always seem to be doing too Final Thought The thing that I like about the gin community that I have met so far is that no one judges anyone for what they believe, what they look like or who they choose to be. The world would be a better place if everyone took that view. Grab your drink, toast those you love, enjoy your weekend and whether your decide to party or stay in I will be with you in spirit !!! Seriously though enjoy your weekend and I look forward to joining you for another episode next Friday. Cheers

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