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Episode 04 - Gin Meets Top Of The Pops

Episode 04 - Gin Meets Top Of The Pops

Welcome To The Gin Ignite PodcastWhether you want to party or have a quiet night in gin will ignite NewsNo news for the week. More news in Episode 5. Gin RecommendationRevealed in Episode 5 Gin Meets Top Of the PopsToday I am going to go through my top 5 gins. Just like top of the pops I am going to go in reverse order. In at number 5 Torn to choose some of the Whitley Neill ( gins. Especially:- Blackberry Goosberry Number 5 has been chosen. It is Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin This gin tastes like raspberries on a summer day Tastes amazing on its own Not sure could have as liqueur but almost Great with Mediterranean tonic Working on Raspberry Daquari In at number 4 Very tempted to put in Chase ( which lost out by just a whisper Gin given as a present Also lots of amazing gin from Wales In at number 4 is Aberfalls ( Talked about this before featured it on Instagram Amazing flavour which is traditional London gin but very smooth The flavour follows through with almost a botanical taste Thoroughly recommend this. Would also be tempted to have this in a dry martini as well it is that good Quite delicate so be careful what you pair it with In at number 3 This spot was probably the biggest fight for gins. Love Brecon ( Love Mermaid ( Love Gunpowder ( However the winner and in at number 3 is The Botanist ( On Instragram you see how passionate they are about the botanicals You see them going live This is like a botanical taste sensation in your mouth There are some amazing ideas for using this in cocktails Also great with tonic. Again I would be careful about putting it with a strong tonic. In at number 2 Can’t lie no real contest My favourite London Dry Martin Miller ( They distill in the UK but they use Icelandic water Don’t think you can get a more crisp gin The best thing in dry martini Delicate flavour but smooths out any cocktail In at number 1 Difficult to decide between these other 4 but always knew that I would choose it. Whitley Neill ( Quince Gin Great on its own Great with tonic. I have not tried it with Elderflower yet but that was recommended to me very recently I would choose Mediterranean tonic In the UK very difficult to buy as a lot of supermarkets stopped stock it I may have to start a petition to get it put back in supermarkets !! Usually available on Amazon Gin Community Shout OutI am keen to help any business that has been affected by Covid. If you are starting up again, have an event coming up or have a mini - festival please get in touch and let me help you to publicise it on this podcast. Get In ContactIM me at @ginignite ( on Twitter E-Mail me at ( If you have ideas IM me or e-mail at ( If you want to be on the show then IM me or e-mail me at ( Instragram Community ShoutoutShoutout to @ginqueen_kilpatrick ( You always have some unique insight and great stories She always put her new followers in a story which is a really nice touch and something which I need to do more She is heavily involved with the gin blogging community which is definitely something I would like to be involved in Final Thought The thing that I like about the gin community that I have met so far is that no one judges anyone for what they believe, what they look like or who they choose to be. The world would be a better place...

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