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Episode 05 - The Ginignite podcast goes live. Get the gin out !!!

Episode 05 - The Ginignite podcast goes live. Get the gin out !!!

Welcome To The Gin Ignite PodcastWhether you want to party or have a quiet night in gin will ignite NewsHello and Welcome to Episode 5. Today the podcast is finally live and I am so please to bring it to you. I am also very grateful to all those people for their perseverance into the new world of podcasts. I know listening to podcasts can be daunting at first. My big news for the week is obviously this podcast and my sadness that it missed launching it on world gin day. I am ashamed to admit that I did not know up until this year when it was held. Just think of the gin I have missed out on !!! Gin RecommendationMy weekly gin recommendation this week is Whitley Neill Raspberry ( gin. The taste is just like raspberries on a summer day It is a versatile gin because it can be paired with a tonic like Elderflower or Mediterranean to bring out the flavour a bit more Also great in cocktails. My benchmark for fruit cocktails. See episode 2 The Gin Ignite Podcast is LiveI have release 5 episodes including this one So there is plenty of content to get you started Episodes released Episode 01 - What is ginignite and why should I listen ? Episode 02 - Finding your gin and your tonic Episode 03 - My gin kingdom for a glass Episode 04 - Gin Meets Top Of The Pops I would love you to be on the show. If interested please get in touch with me either via instant message on Instagram ( What does GIN stand for G = grab gin at least once a week I = innovate with different gins to find your favourites N = not one - it is important to perfect you gin tasting and so you need to have more than one Over the next few weeks I have got some great content planned. If your interested in some sneak previews then follow me at @ginignite ( where I will reveal new stuff happening Finally if you are a distillery with a new product, new tour or opening back get in touch If you are a bar owner who is opening back up then let me know and I will announce it here If there is a festival you are part of something else gin related that you want people to know about let me know either via DM ( Gin Community Shout OutIn this episode I want to give a shout out to all followers of @ginignite ( I really appreciate you and the amazing stories you bring to the gin community. Get In ContactIM me at @ginignite ( on Twitter E-Mail me at ( If you have ideas IM me or e-mail at ( If you want to be on the show then IM me or e-mail me at ( Final ThoughtThe thing that I like about the gin community that I have met so far is that no one judges anyone for what they believe, what they look like or who they choose to be. The world would be a better place if everyone took that view. Grab your drink, toast those you love, enjoy your weekend and whether your decide to party or stay in I will be with you in spirit !!! Seriously though enjoy your weekend and I look forward to joining you for another episode next Friday. Cheers

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