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Episode 06 - My introduction into small batch gin

Episode 06 - My introduction into small batch gin

Welcome To The Gin Ignite PodcastWhether you want to party or have a quiet night in gin will ignite NewsHello and Welcome to Episode 6. Absolutely amazed at the response to the podcast. Really pleased that so many people have liked it so much. Warners have brought back Strawberry and Rose Gin which looks amazing. Gin RecommendationI am going to talk about small batch gin a bit later but I almost see this gin in the same way The potatoes are grown on this farm and then turned into vodka. The vodka has 10 botanicals added to it, in their still Ginny, and it becomes Chase GB gin from the Chase Distillery ( This is a London Dry gin category and is one of the smoothest gins that I have tasted. Be careful though it has a very delicate taste and would work with a standard tonic or Fever Tree ( Mediterranean but not in my opinion with an Elderflower or Blood Orange. It may possibly work with a Cucumber tonic. It comes with a bow tie and has a proud place on my gin shelf. Story TimeLet me let you into a little story I have been seeing lots of amazing posts by the pit wheel distillery ( on Instagram So I decided to get in touch and I got such a nice response I thought do you know what I am going to try them I am a novice at purchasing small batch gin so I did what I normally do and looked in my local supermarket If I can’t find it there I go to my friend Amazon Pitwheel ( gin is not available there either So I go directly to their site ( and sure enough there is gin available Great Customer Service Now here is the best bit I order it and 21:52 on Thursday and get told it will arrive no later than Tuesday On Saturday I get the parcel I was expecting on Tuesday. Suddenly ordering on the website does not seem to be such a bad idea I like over delivering customer service In the box are three nicely pack gins in straw and each with their own bubble wrap I unwrap them Classic Dry Gin Original Spiced Gin Raspberry and Vanilla Gin, the one I really want to try Last Saturday Night So I sit down on Saturday. Just about to go for the raspberry and vanilla gin I think to myself do you know what I will dry the classic dry gin I suspect it will be like all the other London Dry gins I have tasted in the past so I might as well get the disappointing one out of the way first Classic Dry Gin WOW So smooth with almost a very, very slight taste of parma violet. If you are looking at getting into small batch gin this is definitely worth a first purchase. Original Spiced Gin OK well that was unexpected so I thought long and hard. I still had half of the Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic left I decided to go for Original Spice instead of Raspberry and Vanilla. Tasted and waited for the spice to hit my palette Was thinking it might be the same strength as Opihr gin What I got was a beautiful smooth tasting dry gin with a very subtle spice flavour. Nothing like what I was expecting to get. This gin is exquisite. First World Problems My only problem now is after all that I never got to try the Raspberry and Vanilla gin. It is still on my desk ready for tasting on Friday night !! An even bigger problem if I had to choose between the two gins which would I choose. The honest answer is I just don’t know. Well done Pit Wheel Distillery ( I absolutely love your gin. I know I am going to have to move on to try other gins but it is going to be really difficult to part !! Gin Community Shout OutTop tip if you are a small batch distillery make sure you sell miniatures so people can try your range before you buy. Instagram Community Shout OutMy shout out this week is nessyjay91 ( I love you Winterbacher...

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