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Episode 08 - The Art Of Mixology with Vanessa

Episode 08 - The Art Of Mixology with Vanessa

Welcome To The Gin Ignite PodcastWhether you want to party or have a quiet night in gin will ignite NewsHello and Welcome to Episode 8 Please support pubs and restaurants around the world If you stay home drink gin and support distilleries Please drink responsibly Gin RecommendationThis weeks gin recommendation is Martin Miller’s gin ( I think this is probably my joint favourite with Pitwheel's Classic Dry ( I am sorry I called it Original Dry in the episode !! They ship the Icelandic water from Iceland and distill in the UK The nose is like any other dry gin in the glass but in the bottle it almost has a faint similarity to Cajun The taste is very dry as you would expect but smooth with a sweet finish. I would as you can imagine I pair this with a Mediterranean tonic but it would be quite at home with standard or Elderflower tonic. I also love it served as a dry martini I think it could be part of a cocktail but you would have to be careful not to overpower it. The Art of MixologyVanessa Today we are joined by Vanessa ( Vanessa ( is an ambassador for the Hibbs Lupus trust, fitness and mixologist, studies for an MSc in Psychology and still finds time to walk her dog and listen to the podcast Hibbs Lupus Trust Vanessa was diagnosed in 2006 at the very early age of 15. Normally it is in your thirties. Felt very alone. The Hibbs Lupus trust headed up by the fantastic John and Viki Hibbs who created the charity in 2011 The charity aims to bring peoples attention to what they do and how they support Lupus sufferers across all age groups Difficult with Covid to help with fundraising efforts Find out more ( Start Of Mixology Journey Cart girl on golf course offering drinks and snack. Found common request Blood Mary. Went from Bloody Mary to Pina Colada to TGI Friday cocktails where you had a sugar hangover and a hangover all at the same time Then moved from whisky to gin and everything in between Started with a cocktail book and created the perfect classic cocktails Then expanded on the rules to create a unique cocktail How would you describe mixology ? Second level in a department store with secret collection of clothing range that you want to get into There are people at the front of the second level saying I am not sure you can get and everyone else saying come in this is not an exclusive club. Everyone has foundation to do mixology Expanding into other spirits or just play with gin Going beyond tonic pairings What qualities do you need ? Research the gin. Look at its history, region, the cocktails on the company website and the botanical profile Categorise gin Spicy Citrusy Fruity or Crispy Piney Are there berries Floral Play off botanicals or partner up Understand what is in the alcohol to pair with How do you get started ? Clover club ( cocktail Simple Blueprint to play off in to variations e.g. expand into mango What tools do you need ? Bar kits (Asda had good deals) Two shaker tins Muddler - stick with spikey head Conventional Strainer Fine Strainer Should you shake or stir ? Dependent on cocktail If carbonated component don't shake !! May shake non-carbonated components to ensure they infuse and partner together. Dependent on the person drinking to decide on whether they wanted shake or stirred Everyones different which is the beauty of mixology What is the process of creating a cocktail ? What does a bar sell the most of ? Demographics and age range Social groups that revolve around specific time of the year E.g. LGBTQ+ ( revolve around pride. Can we make rainbow

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