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Episode 09 - 4 Week Podcast Review

Episode 09 - 4 Week Podcast Review

Welcome To The Gin Ignite PodcastWhether you want to party or have a quiet night in gin will ignite NewsHello and Welcome to Episode 9 The four week review feels like months in a good way To think before this I could not even add to my stories. Now they seem to be bumper edition all the time !! Thank you for accepting me into the gin community. Gin RecommendationThis weeks gin recommendation is The Edge Gin ( Pear I reviewed this last week on Instagram and I think this is real addition to any gin shelf. Mainly because it is different The nose of this gin is really interesting because it smells just like a London Dry but there is something in addition which indicates it is slightly sweeter with a very mild pear aroma. On tasting neat, as I always do, the pear was really at the forefront of the initial taste but it was not too in your face nor too tart. It was in fact just right. This was followed by a sweeter pear taste.  The pear was not too overpowering as it often is in many other alcohols including some gins that I have tasted before !!!. I paired this with a Mediterranean fever tree tonic for testing purposes but it would easily be at home with an Elderflower or standard tonic. It would be a happy addition to a cocktail but you would need to complement the flavour otherwise it would get lost. I would be very interested to try this as a dry martini. 4 Week ReviewThe Show Wanted to have a bit of me, you and the gin time Use time wisely drum up support for being on the show ( or DM me. Reviewers usually pay for their gin !!! Wise advice → first starting up → No freebies Gutted because I thought the podcast might be given gins !!! Shows my nativity initially. Most of the reviewers find the same. Either win or buy there own gins. If as a distillery you do decide to get reviews go out to know organisation such as round of gin reviewers or known reviewers that you have dealt with in the past. We want to stamp out people just taking freebies and then not reviewing or doing what they said they would. Guest Review Really pleased to have the legendary Nikki Mendes from The Only Way Is Gin. I know the brand, gin school, bar and signature gin are all going to be very successful. We will be following her progress on the podcast. Also had the inspirational Vanessa last week. My life will never be the same again after having a cocktail named after me. The Bendalorian I also liked the fact we got a chance to talk about the Hibbs Lupus trust and LGBTQ+ because it reminds me how accepting this gin community is. Podcast Support There is always room for more and I would love you to tell your story to the gin community I would also appreciate a bit of support if you think that I am missing something that you would like me to highlight. Thanks to Three Distilleries I would like to thanks to three distilleries for their fantastic service to the gin community. Pitwheel Distillery Spoken about before but they are amazing on their turnaround of orders and how they keep you informed They are also award winners LSC - Bronze for Classic Dry and Raspberry and Vanilla and Silver for Original Spiced. The Edge Gin There Pear flavour blew me away and it is why it is this weeks recommendation It has also received a LSC Bronze which is amazing. The customer service, environmental packaging and overall magic of this company really inspires me to support them more. Martin Miller Martin Miller have been really supportive of the podcast and even included me on their Instagram story on Tuesday and Wednesday which is an absolute honour I am hoping to get them on the show in the very near future Their London Dry Gin is a necessity in my opinion for any gin shelf. It is so smooth. Drinkbledon I also want to shout out to @socialgingirl ( for Drinkbledon.

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