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Episode 10 - Using a live to showcase a distillery's products

Episode 10 - Using a live to showcase a distillery's products

Welcome To The Gin Ignite PodcastWhether you want to party or have a quiet night in gin will ignite NewsHello and Welcome to Episode 10 I have had some really lovely responses indicating that you are enjoying the podcast including 2 photos of the podcast directories !! Really excited about the episode for you next week but unfortunately I have to keep my lips sealed at the moment !! Drinkbledon also at an end. Thank you to @theginjen ( for winning Sadly Juniper July comes to an end today but #flatlayginday is hopefully coming very soon. Keep posted. Congratulations to Emma from @an_elfs_ruin ( for putting it together Round Of Gin due to go live very soon. Keep an eye on @roundofgin ( I will post once it is live along with my fellow reviewers Gin RecommendationThis weeks gin recommendation is Mermaid Gin ( Really great mermaid posts Ethically Source Ingredients and Local Committed to sustainability and conservation Eliminating plastic from packaging / supply chains Love the brands credentials before get to gin The bottle has indentation like scales and is a beautiful sea like colour Nose not like normal London Dry. Strong spirit like brand but really subtle. Lemon zest ? Taste reasonably smooth gin it almosts tingles over your tongue a bit like the sea with the rock samphire playing a little tune. This goes with most tonic and would be lovely in a cocktail but sadly I don’t think is smooth enough for a dry martini. Welcome addition to any gin shelf. How would you showcase a distillery productsHow does a small distillery get in front of the community / customers ? Off the top of my head small business:- Website E-Mail List Instagram posts and instagram reviews Also Twitter / Facebook Also YouTube Chase Distillery fantastic 360 degree virtual tour ( Get on podcast Finding new channels e.g. local bars / restaurants etc Lives Works if you trust those people Best if you get them into the distillery Travel difficult at the moment Generally though lives of one person tasting or possibly live with the distiller. All of which are good My background Project manager Avid On Line Business Follower - seen plenty of lives from one side of the fence Small business owner with a number of brands I think very carefully about my brand and how it is perceived. Not enough to look at logo Podcaster understand importance of sound and description and try to provide compelling content How does a small distillery get in front of the community ? Big problem for distilleries getting in front of clients Issue with travel Pitch Idea To Distillery I was going to pitch this idea to some distilleries as a business opportunity Thinking about it much better to see if there is an audience for it. What if you had a live on a single platform which included a mixologist, the distiller and a host What if the audience paid the distiller before hand for a tasting selection and then got involved by tasting live with the panel Everyone is happy can taste along. Get mixologist and distiller view along the process and get to taste and showcase a great brand. User interaction What do you think about this ? Would it work for your brand ? As an audience member would you be prepared to pay for this ? / Expect Distillery to Pay ? / Discounts ? When I send out the post at 14:00 for the podcast I would be very grateful if you could put down your thoughts. Gin Community Shout OutChase Distillery 360 Degree Virtual Tour - ( Vanessa @agnesarbergin ( Altitude Gin ( - thanks @jamie_and_gin for pointing this gin out Marie Jeanne Pink...

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