Ep 1 Give Screams A Chance

Ep 1 Give Screams A Chance

Welcome to Give Screams A Chance, where host Devlin tries to reveal the beauties of heavy music to co-host, mum. Devlin and mum go into some unexpected territory in this first episode of G-SAC, discussing misogyny in metal, the woes of haemorrhoids, and the physiological responses that are had by so many to metal music. This being the first episode, they realize just how deep and genuine of a journey show will be for them! Devlin and mum listen to Frontierer, Loathe and Liturgy. Let’s see how mum feels about all this! IMPORTANT NOTE: At the time of this recording, Devlin and Mum were not aware that Hunter Hunt-Hendrix had come out as a woman. So Hunter Hunt-hendrix(HHH) is referred as a male in this episode. Our apologies. DEVLIN'S BANDS: -Parliament Owls:ēre: And Paper SONGS FEATURED THIS WEEK: Bombgnasher by Frontierer:song link Aggressive Evolution by Loathe:song link GOD OF LOVE by Liturgysong link  Theme song composed by/ podcast produced by Dillary Clinton (Dylan Burrett)

Duration: 2 hr 6 min

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