Ep 2 Give Screams A Chance

Ep 2 Give Screams A Chance

In this sophomore episode of Give Screams A Chance, Devlin and mum get into some more STUFF! Devlin is quite transparent about some strangeness of his dreams, and mum mourns the loss of music festivals this summer due to the pandemic. On the metal side of things, Mum notices that some changes are happening in her brain as Car Bomb transports her into a space of nostalgia! After a healthy dose of antidepressants, the pair go into what “feeling” actually is.In this episode they discuss The Armed, Car Bomb, Lingua Ignota and Agent Fresco.With this selection, Devlin tries to adapt the tracklist to lend to their conversation in episode 1 concerning representation of the femme in metal, or the lack-there-of!  DEVLIN'S BANDS: -Parliament Owls: Telomēre:KINDRED WILL OUT NOW!! song link: Howl Theatre: FEATURED THIS WEEK: Fortune’s Daughter by The Armed:song link: by Car Bomb:song link : you doubt me traitor by Lingua Ignotasong link: by Agent Frescosong link:  Theme song composed by/ podcast produced by Dilladelphia (Dylan Burrett)

Duration: 1 hr 44 min

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