Ep. 4 Give Screams A Chance

Ep. 4 Give Screams A Chance

ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: Preparation I? Bartholomew Dinner? Unknown Audio? On this 4th episode, Devlin and Mum get into some baby Devlin stories involving Christian symbols, and curse words. For the first time ever, they listen to a song that neither knows is coming! Producer Dillsbury Doughboy has procured a track for a blind listening experience! Discussions, Mental Health, Anti depressants, Maryland Mathcore and more on this weeks episode of Give Screams A Chance!Bands Featured this week; Inside The Beehive, Cult Leader, ????, Full Of Hell DEVLIN'S BANDS: - Parliament Owls: Telomēre: FEATURED THIS WEEK:Drink Bleach Live Forever by Inside The Beehive: song link: In The Land Of Milk And Honey by Cult Leader song link : Such Small Hands / Said The King To The River by La Dispute song link: Back To God by Full Of Hell song link: Theme song composed by podcast / Produced by Dillonious Monk (not a monk)

Duration: 2 hr 1 min

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