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#34 | Quick Hit: Will A Laser Get You Killed?

#34 | Quick Hit: Will A Laser Get You Killed?

It's no secret gun owners have strong opinions, but perhaps no topic is more contentious than weapon-mounted lasers. Depending on their side of the aisle, some believe they are the best invention since sliced bread, while others condemn their use as a guaranteed trip to the morgue. But which viewpoint, if either, is correct? Having been around handguns for decades, Host Brent T. Wheat and resident guncranks AH/GUNS Publisher Roy Huntington and American Handgunner Executive Editor Tom McHale share their experienced, but subjective, opinions on lasers, including their intended purpose, realistic application and the importance of context. The GUNS Magazine Podcast is presented by Kimber. Learn more at Read and subscribe to GUNS Magazine at

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