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#35 | Dwight Van Brunt, Firearms Appraiser

#35 | Dwight Van Brunt, Firearms Appraiser

No one likes to think about their death, but for gun owners, perhaps worse is the thought of what happens to their guns after they're gone. And if you own more than a handful of firearms, it can become a huge problem for your spouse and family members left behind. A 35-year veteran of the shooting and hunting industry, Dwight Van Brunt has worked for the likes of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Burris Optics and podcast sponsor, Kimber. An expert on documenting, valuing and selling firearms, he founded Sportsman's Legacy in 2015 to manage fine firearms and collectibles for individuals and estates, acquiring an impressive collection along the way. During the conversation with Host Brent T. Wheat, Dwight breaks down the four steps every gun owner should take to immediately protect their firearms, family, finances and legacy for the day when we aren't here to direct our affairs. Learn more about Sportsman's Legacy and their services at The GUNS Magazine Podcast is presented by Kimber. Learn more at Read and subscribe to GUNS Magazine at

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