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Ep 74: The Power of Preparing for Birth

Ep 74: The Power of Preparing for Birth

This Episode was Brought to you by: Happy Homebirth Academy   The Premier Childbirth Education Program for Homebirth Mothers   Do you really need to prepare for birth?   Show Notes: Amanda's plan with her first child was a beautiful birth center birth The first 20 weeks of her pregnancy were full of sickness—  She even partially dislocated her shoulder after throwing up once. After laboring for quite a while, her midwife came over to check her and see if she could go to the birth center.  She was checked and was only 2 cm, so she said they could not go to the birth center yet. She began saying to herself during contractions, “Open, open, open.  Everything open.”  Her attention was specifically on opening and relaxing. Suddenly, soon after getting out of the tub, she feels the fetal ejection reflex.  “Breathe this baby down?! I’m going to eject this baby across the state!” The midwives made it just in time, and Amanda found out that what she thought were her insides coming out was actually just her baby’s head! Once he came out, she was in a state of confusion.  He looked different than she’d expected, and she had clearly been through a shocking experience.  When her midwife said, “Do you want to hold him?” Amanda’s immediate response was, “No, who is that?!” During her second pregnancy, she had Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction

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