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Fixer Upper has me like...

Fixer Upper has me like...

Rebecca talks with real friends, internet friends, strangers, and random family members about the magnificent Chip and Joanna Gaines and their nearly perfect show Fixer Upper. There's also a Chip-ervention. Guests include Patrick Hinds from Broadway Backstory and the True Crime Obsessed podcasts, his husband Steve, Kevin Flynn from These Are Their Stories: The Law and Order Podcast, BFF Molly McKean, writer Teresa Cramer, and the very handsome Henry Lavoie. Special thanks to listener Jeff - who weighs in on shiplap *and* helps Rebecca with an ad. Visit for links get in touch with your own HGTV feelings, or follow the show on Twitter or Facebook. Episode sponsors: Hello Fresh! Go to and enter code HGTV30 for $30 off your first box. Podcast theme music is by Patrick Cortes. Additional music by Nangdo See for privacy information.

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