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Invent Your Future

Invent Your Future

“How many of us can sit in a chair and single-mindedly work out one problem? After a few minutes we begin to get fidgety, we want to turn on the tv set, or listen to music. Aristotle said all of man’s problems stem from the fact that we get distracted. One of the things I teach  to my physics students is that you have to have 'butt power', you have to have the ability to sit down on your butt work on a problem until you've reached a conclusion." In this episode of the HPX Podcast, Tom Bilyeu interviews Michio Kaku, the man following the steps of Einstein with his String Field Theory, aiming to crack open the answers of the universe. Enjoy the episode, and if you love it, be sure to subscribe to Impact Theory podcast. Additional Resources:  Follow Impact Theory on YouTube Subscribe to Impact Theory podcast on iTunes Follow Tom Bilyeu Original episode on video Follow Joe Dispenza HPXLIFE website High Performance Planner High Performance Supplement Brendon's Instagram   Help Our New Show! We hope you enjoyed this episode of HPX podcast! Please share it with 3 friends right now. And if you post it on social media, use #hpxlife because we’re always giving away prizes to our tribe. Tell some people about this episode - it’s on each of us to spread positivity and empowerment during these times of chaos and negativity, right? Be the dealer of hope and education in your tribe. If you’d like to help us here at HPX, then also please rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcast. Give us some stars and cheer us on because believe it or not it really helps and I read all of them. We’re thankful to have you here in the HPXLIFE community, so be sure to go deeper at  About HPX We - Denise and Brendon - started HPXLIFE so that we could bring you the insight, tools and inspiration to live what we call the high performance experience. It’s that state of being and living where you’re on your A game, where you truly feel vibrant, connected and excellent in every part of your life. That’s a tall order, and we all have tough days, but think of those things: if you felt vibrant every day; if you were intentional about connecting with others, and connecting with the best within you; and if you sought to deliver your purpose with real excellence every day, well, you’d be among the few people out there who don’t go through the motions, who rise above average, who seek to become extraordinary. We believe everyone wants to live their best life but sometimes need more perspective, or coaching, or training to get there. That’s where we come in at HPX. If you ever need some online training or other resources to get ahead faster, head over to We’ve got planners, supplements, blog posts, and community to help you go to the next level. We also have a library of the best personal and professional development courses in the world for one low annual membership. We just call it the HPX membership. Customer’s call it the Netflix of Personal Development. Check it out at

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